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Episode 3: Who Killed?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

“In between her thunderous ocean, were islands of serenity. In between her pain, there were outbursts of innocent laughter. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, she was a pain in my heart. But a pain I liked inflicting upon myself, for I loved her with all of my heart. And if I am being honest, so did everyone else as for all of her weaknesses, she was a powerful girl at the end of the day demanding to be stronger than her insecurities, happier than her troubles,” read Beth. “Woah! Did you write that? It’s really deep.” “Beth… Do you ever panic? There is a dead man in the next room. We are suspects in a murder investigation. Why did you come to my house in the middle of the night through a window anyway?” I asked. “I had an ugly fight with my dad. It turned really bad. I did not know where to go, so I came to your house. I climbed through the pipe on to your window to freak you out ,” Beth said. “Alright, you did the right thing except for the pipe-climbing part. Did he beat you?” “No, I fell from my bicycle while riding to your home,” she exclaimed. Just then, a cop knocked on the door and said, “The deceased male in the other room is Joe Brian. He’s a member of a local gang who was running, trying to get out of the drug dealing business. We also found two other dead gang members not far away from here. He probably got hurt, and was seeking help. We are assuming he stumbled into your house and the other man you saw roaming in the corridors must have followed and killed him. You both are off the hook for now, but we will call you down to the police station and record your statement.” I gasped a sigh of relief. “See, you were worrying for nothing. Anyway, I am going to leave now. My parents must be looking for me by now,” Beth said. I bid her goodbye and locked the doors of my house. It has been enough crazy for a single day. I went to the kitchen to cook dinner for myself. As bacon sizzled on the grill, I sharpened my knife to slice through some veggies. I prepared a burger for myself and popped open a bottle of red wine. I relished my dinner and went to bed. As I was slowly drifting off to sleep, I heard a noise coming from the basement. I frantically ran down the stairs, opening door after door, jingling keys into a dimly lit hallway, I opened the attic. It was empty. Colton had escaped. Empty cuffs, and blood dripped throughout the room, was all that was left of him. I turned around, scared and terrified, for my lies were about to be exposed. My life, about to be over. “Oh, thank goodness, there he is,” I exclaimed as I spotted him, crawling on my house's back porch. “Come here, you moron,” I yelled as I dragged him back inside the house. “Do you understand what could have happened today? I could have gone to prison, or even worse, sentenced to death,” I said while holding a knife on his neck as he pleaded for mercy. “All that I've worked so hard for. I killed my stupid parents who wanted to turn their daughter in, and for what? The murder of those bullies. Demons in humanly bodies.” “I pin the blame on you and run to restart my entire life here, in a new city, in my dead grandparent's cranky house and show you mercy for you're sick in the head, and you repay me like that. I wanted to torture you for amusement, but now see what you've done. Too bad… you're too much of a liability for me. I can't take care of you anymore,” I said as I gutted the knife deep into his neck. “We need to clean up this one fast. We ain't going to be lucky every time. Those we kill aren't always going to be drug dealers on the run,” I called Beth and explained everything to her. After all, she was the only one who understood what I did and why I did it. It was enough crazy for a single day, the night was still young, and I couldn’t resist but say yes to some more.

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