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The Death of the Demised Episode 1: Bruised and Bleeding

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

No, as most of the stories start, it was not a bright sunny morning, a dull grey evening, or a stormy night. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, or cyclones were improbable. There were no spooky, ghostly, eerie, or spine-tingling activities in my silent home. UFOs were unlikely to be seen in my monotonous locality, and I was trying to fall asleep on my bed after doing nothing much all day.

It was a dull day without a hint of fun. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on my window. I froze on my bed, totally freaking out and scared out of my wits. Three O'clock in the night was not a great time for someone to visit my window. Anyway, I fearfully stood up and slowly walked towards the window. In the meantime, knocking turned pretty fast to thumping.

As I opened the curtains from the side to take a little peek outside, I found my best friend, Bethany, bruised and bleeding and almost unconscious. She was terrified. I opened the window and let her in. I was panicked and horrified to see my best friend in that condition. And the crux of the problem was; my parents were also out of town, and I was alone at home. I tried to calm myself and her. I offered her a glass of water and medication. She was trembling.

“What happened, Beth? Who hurt you and how the hell did you climb up to my window?” I asked her.

“Can we not talk about it right now, please? I'll spend the night and leave in the morning,” she said in a breaking voice.

I wanted to ask her everything but seeing her awful condition, I somehow controlled my curiosity and said,” Yes, sure you can.”

She thanked me and went to sleep. I hadn't seen her like that, ever. I was troubled and concerned but there was nothing much that I could do therefore, I switched the lamp off and went to sleep myself.

Meanwhile, Colton Tate, the infamous serial killer, known to kill his victims after chopping their fingers, slitting their throats, and then finally ripping their heads off was hiding under my bed, boggled to see all the mystery and the misery even before he could make us feel his presence in the room.

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1 Comment

Salmana Khan
Salmana Khan
Sep 03, 2021

Those first few lines just glued me to the whole page... Tremendous start..

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