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Writer's Note

Dear readers,

Greetings from India. I am the voice behind this website. I hope that you will have a great time here at my blog.

I am a budding writer who aspires to be an Investigative Journalist in the future. 


Hank Phillippi Ryan rightly said, "At the core of investigative journalism is exactly the same thing that drives a page-turning thriller: telling a great story." I believe that this quote defines me because fiction or not, to sum up my life, that is the only thing I can do -- tell a great story.


It was a long struggle before I figured out what made me different. But in order to discover that, first I found out that I am an appalling dancer, my voice sounds like a damn truck, and the flowers I tried to draw looked like cancer cells. 

My life took a new turn the day my journey as a writer began. My enthusiasm drives me to write each day. I recently attended an engrossing course at the Summer Academy of The School of New York Times titled ‘Introduction to Investigative Journalism.’ 

Now, I am a sixteen-year-old author, poet, and a student journalist pursuing an internship at Hindustan Times. I published my book 'Striding Heartbeats' worldwide on Amazon and Kindle. It is also available in 40,000 stores of Barnes and Noble. I have also worked as a co-author in several anthologies (Fantasy Chase, Quarantine Diaries, Secret of my Happiness, Resonance) published by TUV Productions (under Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises), 2 am Publications and Rosewood Publication.


You can access my articles, books, stories, and interviews by clicking the link below.



To conclude, I am where I was supposed to be -- enjoying writing crime fiction stories for my voracious readers. Once again, thank you for visiting my site. 

-Faara Nadeem

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