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Murderous Fiftieth Episode 1: Bloodbath

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

My home,

3rd May,2019 11:45pm


          Like every other year of my life I could hear indistinct voices, muffled laughter, dishes and glasses crackling, each one of my family member trying to ignore me and pretend as if nobody remembers that it is my fiftieth birthday in exactly fifteen minutes, as if I am dumb enough not to find out when my birthday cake was hid in the closet behind the clothes. I already took an extra five hundred milligrams of my diabetes tablet for the cake and my favourite apple pie which my wife prepared each year for my birthday.

                   While they were doing their job perfectly, I also being a responsible dad and husband pretended as if I am so lost in the movie no one was watching and my memory and observation skills are so defective that I am all unknown to the fact that it is my birthday today. Still, ten minutes were to go and to give everyone enough space to prepare the table, set the candles and to be successful in their little act of love and solicitude I stood up and went to the washroom with earphones plugged in.

                    As the clock struck twelve, I went out like a superstar. It was all dark, lights were turned off. I stood in the dark room patiently waiting for it to get lit with the lights of care and deep affection, waiting for everyone to jump from behind the sofa or from the kitchen, using the same old traditional 'Happy birthday song' they sang every year in their tuneless but the most tuneful voices to my ear.

                                      I stood there waiting and waiting but nobody shouted happy birthday, no voices were heard, nobody turned the lights on. After approximately standing still for five minutes with angst and confusion in my head, I went towards the switch board to turn the lights on. While heading towards the switch board in dead darkness of the room I shouted the names of my  kids, Ava and Andy. None replied and the fear of what the next moment might bring, was eating me up. Why wouldn't anyone reply? Where is everyone gone? Where is my wife Rebecca? Is this a prank? All these questions were dangling in my head, and I was getting scared.

As I turned the lights on I screamed with shock and grief and every other sad and gloomy emotion one can think of. The scene was making my blood run cold. I was traumatized to see my kids and wife piled up on one and other, covered in a blood bath. I froze at that very place, agitated and trembling with fear. My hands weren't able to gather the courage of touching their blood-covered bodies. Unable to hug them, unable to wake them, I sat on the floor wailing with pain. “Oh my God! What has happened in a couple of minutes”, was all that I was uttering repeatedly. I didn't know what to do? We were all so happy half an hour back, I was expecting some family time and laughter of joy and celebration at twelve tonight.

I went running towards the drawing room and went numb to see all the decoration, birthday cards and gifts on the table and a chocolate cake on which was written 'Happy second half ahead'. “Oh God! What my fiftieth birthday has brought.”, was all I muttered and fell unconscious on the ground.

Episode 2 coming out soon!

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Oct 10, 2022

Amazing faara


Faara Nadeem
Faara Nadeem
Aug 07, 2020

@singhaarushi04 Next part will come soon!!😃😃


Hell excited for the 4 part 😊💫


Jun 30, 2020

Very excited for next part


The suspense 🙄

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