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Episode 6: The Encounter

“I was in shock. But then again, I’ve been in shock for a long, long time. My wife was a secret FBI agent and I didn’t know. Am I so stupid?” I was muttering all this to myself when I heard some whispers outside the door of my flat.

I put my head against the door and tried to listen.

“Should we kill him or should we bring him with us?”

“Oh god! I think it’s Zao.” I thought to myself and started panicking when suddenly it hit me, “I am the husband of an amazing FBI agent, I can handle this.” I tried to maintain my new-found confidence as well as I could while figuring out a plan.

I heard them kick my door trying to break it open. I shut the lights of my room and rushed towards a cupboard and locked myself in. I then typed a message to Aarish Bukhari.

“The Zao is here and I am pretty sure to kill or torture me. Come quickly.” Then I couldn’t restraint myself from adding an unnecessary detail, “I know everything, save me so that I can kill you.”


They broke the door opened and entered violently. I could hear them breaking everything that came in their way. They quickly went through my entire house searching for me. They were nearly convinced that I was not at home when they saw a half-eaten chicken piccata on my dining table. It was still warm. They were fairly certain that I was hiding. They started checking everything more thoroughly. It was not long before they broke the cupboard, I was hiding in.

“Come out” a stout but soul-terrifying member of the Zao shouted at me.

I raised my hands in the air and followed his orders. Come on let’s go. He with two other gangsters, handcuffed me and took me downstairs to his car. He started the car and began to drive. I looked back waiting, hoping for someone to show up and save me. But there wasn’t anyone, I was all alone as I have been for a long time.

“Tire screeching, loud police sirens started to ring”

“Stop the car or we will shoot.” shouted Aarish.

The gangsters started dashing the car and shooting at Aarish’s car from the window. It was a ruckus and I was petrified and half numb from all the gunshots. Aarish was right behind us and he took a steep turn to come beside us. He clashed his car against ours and someone shot the driver of our car. It wasn’t Aarish it was someone behind him. As the car went out of control and started to dangle on the road, I saw who it was.

It was Reb sitting on the window of a rushing car with a gun aiming towards our car. As soon as I saw her, the car hit a tree and I bumped into the front seat.

Rebecca made the arrest of the gang members while Aarish came to my rescue. He got me out of the car and as we were heading towards the ambulance to check for injuries, our eyes met. Her guilty blue eyes stared into mine and for a minute everything was fine, back to normal.

But in reality, it was not back to normal, not even close. I looked away with disappointment and she trying to avoid a face to face conversation with me for as long as possible, went away with the arrested gang members and the police.

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